About Us

Our Team

 On Top Construction in Greenville, SC is owned and operated by a Marine veteran who believes in doing the job right and in a timely manner. He has over 13 years in the home improvement industry and has assembled the folks who are the best in their fields to be on our crews. When you stake your reputation on quality and reliability, the best is who you want! Doing business with us, you can rest assured that you'll have experts handling the care of your home. With 15 year specializations under their belts across the board, these men are really On Top of their game! 

Our Specialties


On Top Construction in Greenville, SC  specializes in Roofing, Siding, Gutters and Gutter Guards.  Better yet, we consider Quality and Reliability our specialization, as well. We back every job with manufacturing and workmanship warranties and do a brisk referral business that speaks for itself. Good help is hard to find but when it is, word gets around.

When it comes to home repairs, we want every homeowner to come out On Top!

Our Mission

We are ultimately in this business to help people and at the end of the day, how well we've accomplished that is what defines us. On Top Construction in Greenville, SC has integrity as its foundation. We want every homeowner to exit this experience with three convictions;

  • On Top Construction cared about them; we understand the stress and worry that comes with damage to your home and that being the homeowner puts you in a vulnerable position. We commit to providing our homeowners with expert advice and always tell it like it is. Unnecessary upgrades and empty promises are a way of life for many companies but we keep our eyes on Customer Service not the almighty dollar. We do not subscribe to Mushroom Management here! 
  • They received the highest quality workmanship and customer service possible: Bill Nowacki shows his face at every job site. As owner and operator of On Top Construction, Bill is a straight shooter and your experience throughout this process is very important to him. You are provided with an advocate to help you deal with everything from the filing of the initial claim with your insurance company, to meeting the insurance adjuster and picking out shingle or siding colors. Our team members are there to help you keep your stress down and streamline the process of dealing with the insurance company. Meanwhile, your repairs will be in the hands of our expert craftsman. We want to help you stay On Top of the situation at hand and provide you with support on all fronts!
  • We will always be their go-to for home repairs and they can confidently recommend us to anyone. Reliability is hard to come by in this day and age. So few people stand by what they commit to. We want homeowners to know that our word is our bond and communication is key. You'll know when your repairs are scheduled and then we will show up! We don't believe in job hopping either. Once we start your home repairs, we don't stop until they're completed. When inclement weather happens, we deal with it. and get back on schedule ASAP.  Supply shipment delayed? We notify you! Our homeowners are our life's blood and we don't take them for granted. You'll know that you can depend on us to put your needs first and to treat you with respect. In the business and in life we want to stay On Top of the pile. That means living up to our promises. Our team hasn't had a roof leak in 12 years and Bill has had the same cell number since 2002! We never pass the buck, reliability is just our way.